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Alejandro Pérez-Malumbres Landa

Archeologist and Official Tourism Guide

With more than thirty years of experience as an archaeologist and twenty as an official tourism guide, I have always sought to combine research with the dissemination of Historical Heritage, with special interest in our immediate surroundings, Andalusia.

As an official Tourism Guide I have worked with clients of all kinds, from primary school students to university students. And of course groups of travelers of different ages and nationalities, commissioned by different national and international agencies, hotels or directly managed, preferably in private groups.

I have also made visits to all of Andalusia as a guide-interpreter, working for the Public Company for the Management of Tourism and Sport in Andalusia (Andalusian Tourism), Tourist Board of the Costa del Sol, City Councils of Malaga and Marbella, on trips of familiarization with the destination with tour-operator groups (Fam Trips), as well as guiding journalists (Press Trips) specialized in culture, travel or gastronomy, from the written media, bloggers or televisions from around the world, such as National Geographic, RAI, NHK, Sky TV, Icon, etc.

Within the world of the dissemination of Historical Heritage, I have curated several exhibitions on various themes and collaborated in others as a documentary filmmaker, selecting pieces and making catalog cards, or writing texts for panels and catalogs. I have also written informative texts commissioned by the Diputación de Málaga or Editorial Planeta.

In Tarifa, the town where I work as a Municipal Archaeologist, I have made the basis of a Museum Plan, as well as the material for the visit to its famous castle of Guzmán el Bueno or a Guide to Historical and Natural Heritage.

Always with the aim of making known the results of the projects in which I have participated, I offer or organize conferences where I have been required, whether they are informative or at academic conferences.

And of course, I have a long professional experience in archeology, working both for public entities (Malaga City Councils, Tarifa, Algeciras, Vélez-Málaga, Alhaurín el Grande and Junta de Andalucía) and for private companies. I have investigated sites from different periods, from the Bronze Age, Phoenician, Roman, medieval Muslim and Christian to the Modern Age, with special interest in archeology supporting the restoration of monuments.


Víctor Manuel Heredia Flores

Historian and Documentalist

Graduate in Contemporary History and PhD from the University of Malaga with the thesis entitled “Private management and municipalization in supplying the city of Malaga. The Torremolinos Waters business (1860-1930) ”. He has participated in the project “Historical Statistics of Andalusia” of the Statistical Institute of Andalusia and has been an Archives teacher in the employment workshops “Ark of Memory” and “Poster of Memory”, developed in the Municipal Historical Archive of Antequera . He has also been in charge of organizing the Archive of the “Vicente Espinel” Institute and various private archives.

He has carried out extensive research work in fields such as the history of education in Andalusia, the reconstruction of regional historical statistical series, and the industrial and public service history in the province of Malaga. He is the author, alone or in collaboration, of the Gaona books. From Congregation of San Felipe Neri to Institute of Secondary Education (1739-2002), Sources of Malaga, Statistics of the 20th century in Andalusia, Historical statistics of Education and Culture in Andalusia. 20th century, The recovered gaze. Memory of women in the streets of Malaga, Technological Malaga. The introduction and impact of new technologies in the industrial development of the city (1950-2012,) Malaga, yesterday and today, Memories of Malaga from yesterday and today, Portraits of a time. Vicente Tolosa, Málaga 1900-1915 and El “Romero Robledo”. One hundred years of a public school.

He has also participated in several collective works and has combined research and teaching with participation in cultural outreach activities and collaborations in various media, such as the Sur and Málaga Hoy newspapers, the Cope and Onda Azul radio stations and the Onda television channel. Azul, in which he presented the program “La mirada recuperada” during a season of 26 episodes. Since 2002, it has been developing the “Women and Historical Heritage” programs for the Equality Area of ​​the Malaga City Council, which combine the dissemination of heritage with the recovery of the role of women in Malaga society and their footprint in urban planning. He has participated in the celebration of activities and conferences organized by the Royal Academy of Noble Arts of Antequera, the Subdelegation of the Government in Malaga and the Malaga Film Festival-Malaga Festival (MaF), among other institutions.

He has been the curator of several exhibitions, such as “Gaona, memory of the old Institute” (2003), “La mirada recuperada” (2007) and “Gaona y el mar. The Royal College of San Telmo and the lessons of Nautical at the Institute of Malaga ”(2015). It has also prepared a historical study on the building that houses the Museum of Glass and Glass and the environment of San Felipe Neri. He is also a member of the Editorial Board of the Antequerano Studies Magazine, the Advisory Council for Notebooks of the Rebalaje and the Scientific Committee of the Studia Malacitana Collection of the UMA Publications Service. He is a corresponding member of the Royal Academy of Noble Arts of Antequera. He is currently an associate professor of Economic History at the University of Malaga.

Clients and collaborators

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